Holbrook 0.8g


  • Meteorite Type: Stone, L/LL6
  • Meteorite Weight: 0.8g
  • Meteorite Measurements: 11 mm x 9 mm x 7 mm
  • Additional Information: Historic H.H. Nininger-found stone

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July 19, 1912, on a hot and dry desert summer evening, a series of loud booms, and several explosions rocked the quiet town of Holbrook, Arizona. Many thousand stones showered the ground, most the size of a pea. The largest weighing just 6 kilograms (14 pounds). Initially, an estimated 14,000 stones were recovered. Most with pristine rich-black fusion crust, which is obtained during it’s fiery journey through our atmosphere.

A team of esteemed meteorite hunters visited the area to celebrate the falls recent 100 anniversary, each successfully returning with a pea sized treasure of their own. Due to the size and age of the fall, Holbrook has been an extremely well studied meteorite. It has educated scientists in the rate of terrestrial weathering (the slow decay of the delicate rind called fusion crust).

These magnificent fusion-crusted Holbrook individuals are from the historic H.H. Nininger American Meteorite Lab Collection. They were acquired directly from the Center for Meteorite Studies at ASU in an institutional trade. ASU purchased the bulk of Nininger’s collection during the 1960s and these specimens were stored in a tray of AML specimens, alongside larger specimens with numbers. Our Holbrook peas are accompanied by a special certificate of authenticity/ID card verifying its ironclad Nininger provenance.

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