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Meteorite Type: Stone, C03.2
Additional Information: Stark black; fresh fusion covers 75% of the stone’s exterior, leaving windows to marvel at its equally enchanting interior. The stone is cradled delicately in the fingers of a custom-crafted armature stand, which accompanies your purchase. One of 50 Russian witnessed falls, and the only meteorite of those falls to have a CO classification.

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A true collection piece is one that’s inspired stories, and Kainsaz tells a fantastic one. It’s rumored that when the Kainsaz meteorite fell on September 13, 1937, KGB agents were sent to investigate. They reportedly recovered four of the largest stones; the largest piece of Kainsaz recovered to date is 102.5 kilograms.

This interior of this highly aesthetic meteorite also tells a riveting story—it contains an abundance of pre-solar grains, which are particles that predate the creation of our solar system and were formed in the atmospheres of dying stars. This CO3 has also been found to contain calcium-aluminum inclusions, or CAIs, and insoluble extraterrestrial organic matter. Scientists have also found fine-grained inclusions in Kainsaz that are apparently primordial, meaning they’ve remained unaltered in mineralogy and texture since their formation in the early solar nebular 4.5 billion years ago.

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