Martian | NWA 13227 73.7g


  • Meteorite Type: Martian, shergottite
  • Weight: 73.7 grams
  • Approximate Measurements: 114 mm x 108 mm x 2 mm
  • Additional Information: Impressive laboratory prepared palm-sized full slice! 

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It may sound like science fiction, but it is proven science fact: We have authenticated pieces of Mars here on Earth and they were not brought back by any kind of spaceflight mission — robotic or otherwise.

Why is Mars endlessly fascinating to us Earthbound humans? This large, complete slice should amaze and delight any Red Planet aficionado. Even those that may have been surprised to discover that the Red Planet is green on the inside, and made up in larger part of clinopyroxene and olivine.

Northwest Africa 13227 was examined and classified by Dr. Anthony Irving of the Department of Earth and Space Sciences at the University of Washington, Seattle and it has been recognized as an authentic piece of Mars by academia. Its official details were published in the Meteoritical Bulletin this year (2020).

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Weight 73.7 g


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