Mercury Meteorite Box


Meteorite Type: NWA 7325, ungrouped Achondrite
Meteorite Weight: 7-17 milligrams, one centimeter scale cube for size reference
Additional Information: Because each meteorite is unique, you will receive a similar piece, but not exactly as photographed. Please note, this is very rare material, so the meteorite is 7-17 milligrams in size. Comes displayed in 2″x1” presentation box. Includes an individual official meteorite classification number and a statement of authenticity on the reverse.

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In 2012, an obscure rock was found somewhere in the desert near Northwest Africa. Official chemical analysis revealed that this strange rock originated from outer space and had unique petrographic characteristics, meaning it is different from all other known meteorites. Experts officially classified the stone, NWA 7325, as an ungrouped Achondrite.

The mysterious intrigue of this space rock goes deeper than its unique classification and unknown find site—some scientists suggest that based on its oxidation state, it may have come from the planet Mercury, according to data returned by NASA’s Messenger space probe. A large and violent impact could have rocked Mercury, which is named after the Roman messenger god, causing NWA 7325 to catapult its way to Earth.

Though we cannot be certain of its origin, what is certain is the meteorite’s parent body was large enough to form a core, mantle, and crust. Beyond that, only 35 total pieces were recovered, totaling a minuscule 345 grams in weight, making the material rare and highly desirable.

Even if the space rock is not from Mercury, there has never been anything quite like it found on Earth before. NWA 7325 is a unique piece sparking much debate throughout the scientific community and much excitement among collectors.

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