Muonionalusta Knife Blade with Dinosaur Bone Handle


  • Meteorite Blade: Muonionalusta
  • Handle: Dinosaur Gembone
  • Sheath: Exotic Leather
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The structure of iron meteorites is determined by the examination of two nickel-iron alloys — taenite and kamacite. As a result of very slow cooling in space, these alloys typically form into a complex interlocking crystalline motif known as the Widmanstätten Pattern, named after Count Alois von Beckh Widmanstätten who recorded the phenomenon while experimenting with iron meteorites during the 19th Century. This miraculous lattice-like arrangement can be very beautiful and is typically visible only after iron meteorites have been carefully prepared in the laboratory by cutting and polishing, followed by an etching of the cut surfaces with a volatile solution of alcohol and nitric acid, known as nitol. The kamacite crystals revealed by this process are measured and the average bandwidth is used to subdivide iron meteorites into a number of structural classes. An iron with very narrow bands, less than 1mm, is known as a “fine octahedrite,” while one with a very wide band would be described as a “coarse octahedrite.”

Much like cosmic snowflakes, every iron meteorite brings with it a unique Widmanstätten Pattern, and an expert can often identify a particular meteorite just by examining that pattern. 

This knife is custom-crafted using the ice age meteorite known as Muonionalusta. The meteorite extends to under the finger guard, where it is welded directly to steel. The handle is exquisite dinosaur gembone. Dinosaur bone presents a unique gemstone for artisans to use in the creation of their pieces. After millions of years of being buried, the original dinosaur bone’s organic material has been replaced with minerals, including quartz chalcedony. In some cases, this fossilization provides beautiful pieces of agatized dinosaur bone, also known as gembone.

The knife is completed excellently with stainless steel guard and bolsters.

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