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Meteorite Hunting Field Kit



  • Black canvas tactical field bag which holds all items comfortably
  • Portable digital field scale that measured 600 grams x 0.1 grams (batteries included)
  • 60 x high power illuminated loupe
  • Meteorite expedition logbook and pen for recording find data
  • 30+/- lb pull powerful rare earth magnet
  • First aid kit
  • Waterproof zip-lock specimen bags
  • One genuine stone meteorite and one genuine iron meteorite for setting your detector, or training your eye

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his compact yet comprehensive kit contains everything you need to begin your own search for space rocks, including a portable digital field scale, powerful rare earth magnet, expedition logbook, first aid kit, high power illuminated loupe, and even two meteorite specimens! All kept safe in a tactical bag which fits on your belt, to keep your hands free for digging or swinging your detector.