Northwest Africa 10514 142.7g


Meteorite Type: HED achondrite (Eucrite, monomict)
Approximate Measurements: 136 mm x 134 mm x 3 mm
Additional Information: Palm sized impressive laboratory prepared slice

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Eucrites are achondrites (“without chondrules”) and are basalt — cooled lava from Vesta. Eucrites take their name from the Greek word “eukritos” meaning “easily distinguished,” and while that relates specifically to the large size of silicate grains within them, they are also easily distinguished because they are typically very light in weight, and often in color too, at least on the inside. The dark coloration of this marvelous eucrite makes it stand out amongst the crowd. Eucrites are especially difficult to recover and identify in the field, as they do not contain the large amounts of iron that are typically found in most other meteorite types.

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