Northwest Africa 12217 1.8g


Meteorite Type: Achondrite-ung
Measurements: 14 mm x 12 mm x 9 mm
Additional Information: Gorgeous fragment of this super rare meteorite type!

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NWA 12217 Purchased in 2015, Northwest Africa 12217 is an ungrouped achondrite. Some stones exhibit partial fusion crust and a fragmental breccia interior. The meteorite is rich in olivine (the interior of the meteorite reveals large olivine fragments) and studies show that its composition is consistent with an origin of a highly differential body—meaning the parent body had a crust, mantle, and core. NWA 12217 is a cumulate dunite breccia. Dunite is almost entirely composed of olivine and was formed deep in the mantle of the parent body. Finds like these are significant because they bring us a step closer to understanding the differentiation process that took planetismals to planets in the earliest days of the Solar System.

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