Northwest Africa 6491 Geoff Notkin Collection 9.38g


Meteorite Type: Rumuruti chondrite (R3-5)
Measurements: 53 mm x 44 mm x 2 mm
Additional Information: A rare Rumuruti with a low NWA number accompanied by a Notkin Collection card. This is 1 of 23 approved meteorites classified as R3-5 and is from Midelt, Morocco, found in the summer of 2004.

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Rumuruti meteorites are named after the town of Rumuruti in Kenya, where the first specimen of this meteorite group was discovered in 1934. These meteorites are believed to originate from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and are estimated to be around 4.5 billion years old. They are known for their diverse composition and are believed to have come from the parent asteroid’s regolith, which refers to the blanket of loose deposits that sit over solid rocks. As such, they have a dusty matrix that cements together fragments of broken rock and mineral inclusions. Though the exact age of this material has yet to be determined, researchers believe the collision event may have occurred somewhere between 15 and 25 million years ago.

The study of Rumuruti meteorites provides valuable insights into the processes that occurred during the formation and evolution of our Solar System!

In his global travels spanning over two decades, Geoff Notkin amassed a truly world-class collection of meteorites, which we are pleased to present. These pieces are an assemblage of top-quality examples of stone and iron meteorites, pallasite, mesosiderites, impactites, and lunar and Martian specimens. Also represented are historic and rare meteorite types, which often come with the best stories.

Geoff has opened his vault and pulled some of his long-time favorites, meticulously hand-painting Notkin Collection (NC) numbers on some. Experienced collectors will spot famous meteorites among the lot, including rocks Geoff pulled from the ground himself from impact sites around the world. This is a spectacular opportunity for novice collectors as well, who would do well to pick up a Notkin Collection meteorite not likely to circulate the market in the future.

Each Notkin Collection piece is accompanied by a special identification card, signed by Geoff himself, that includes that meteorite’s unique NC number.

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