NWA 10023 19.3g


  • Meteorite Type:¬†Stony-Iron (Pallasite, PMG-an)
  • Approximate Dimensions: 26 mm x 25 mm x 17 mm
  • Weight: 19.3 grams
  • Additional Information: Individual with natural patina, loaded with crystals¬†

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Pallasite, PMG-an, Found in Northwest Africa, 2014

This is a truly remarkable find from the northern deserts of Africa: an astoundingly vibrant pallasite with olivine colors ranging from tangerine all the way to lime green. There is a significantly high crystal density among the iron and they vary from small clusters to large, attention-seeking individuals.

In order to best display the interior, we have various slices that are polished on one face and etched on the other. Plus, each slice is cut thin in order to boost the transparency of the olivine crystals and allow one to create a brilliant, artistic show of color when presented with light, even if the light source may be quite dim. It is an unequivocally luxurious and bold pallasite.

See 360 video below.

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Weight 19.3 g


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