NWA 7457 509.9g


Meteorite Type: Stone, L5
Measurements: 205 mm x 204 mm x 6 mm
Additional Information: This impressive large full slice showcases an incredibly distinct brecciated pattern, clearly displayed on the matte finished side. The other side has a highly polished finish. Metal veins, brecciated clasts, and melt material; all you could want in a melt breccia. The formation history preserved.

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Northwest Africa 7457 is one of nine specimens classified as L5 melt breccia, a material formed when extreme pressure and heat generated by a significant impact partially melts the parent rock. These meteorites show a deformed and melted matrix as a result of the collision. The total known weight of this rare meteorite is only 15.5 kilograms.

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Weight 509.9 g


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