Punggur 2.0g


Meteorite Type: H7-melt breccia
Approximate Measurements: 25 mm x 17 mm x 2 mm

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At 9:53 pm local time (14:53 UTC) on 28 January 2021, residents in southern Sumatra heard loud booms that shook their houses. The sonic boom was registered by the Indonesia Tsunami Early Warning System (InaTEWS). Eyewitnesses report the bolide was traveling in a W/NW direction. A 2.2 kg stone crashed through the roof of a house in the Punggur district (Kecamatan Punggur), Central Lampung, Sumatra at 5°00’22.4″S 105°16’11.9″E. The stone embedded itself in the soil beside the house. Residents of the village submerged this mass in water, believing the water to have healing properties. That same night in neighboring Gunung Sugih village (5°0’35.1518″S 105°13’13.9019″E) a woman found a ~50 g specimen that reportedly bounced off of a nearby roof. The following morning three additional masses were found: a 138 g mass that crashed through a roof and landed on a bed (4°59’46.6″S 105°14’47.6″E); a ~1700 g mass in a flooded hole in a rice paddy (4°59’56.2254″S 105°15’23.3518″E); and, a 2511 g mass was recovered from a rice paddy (4°59’50.3722″S 105°15’13.7405″E). Pieces from the ~1700 g mass were used for the classification. Further fall information and photos are found at karmaka.de. – as per the Meteoritical Bulletin

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