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Saint-Aubin 62.0g


  • Meteorite Type: Iron, IIIAB-UNG
  • Weight: 62.0 grams
  • Approximate Measurements: 82 mm x 52 mm x 23 mm
  • Additional Information: This meteorite really has it all! A stabilized full slice with spectacular Widmanstätten pattern, and needles of schreibersite.

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Saint-Aubin was found in France in 1968 by farmers plowing a field. It is an ungrouped octahedrite and exhibits extraordinary schreibersite needles up to 6 centimeters in length, as noted in the “Meteoritical Bulletin.” Saint-Aubin can display shock features, Neumann lines, and iron sulfide nodules. But, what interests us the most about this exquisite iron is the remarkable visual difference between slices from the same mass. What they all share, however, is a striking, geometric Widmanstätten pattern. It took many months of laboratory preparation to produce these superb slices. They have not just been cut, polished, and etched, but meticulously stabilized by an expert in meteorite preservation and preparation.

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Weight 62 g