Stone Meteorite Dust with Galaxy Sticker


  • Meteorite Type: Stone
  • Meteorite Weight: Less than one gram
  • Vial Measurements: 21 mm X 16 mm
  • Additional Information: A quaint, tiny glass vial containing authentic stone meteorite dust. Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

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Genuine dust from a stone meteorite presented in glass vial with galaxy sticker and Certificate of Authenticity. Stones constitute the largest group of meteorites. They originated in the outer crust of a planet or asteroid. Visible inside most stone meteorites are tiny, glassy, spheres known as chondrules. Forged at the very dawn of the solar system, these chondrules are far older than our own planet. Some stone meteorites, known as carbonaceous chondrites, have been found to contain water, salt, and even amino acids. In the distant past, these meteorites may have carried the very building blocks of life to Earth!

This quaint glass vial contains genuine stone meteorite “dust.” Aerolite’s meteorite dust is collected in our preparation laboratory, when a larger specimen is sawn into slices. Similar to how sawdust is created.

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Weight 20 g


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