Vaca Muerta 48.9g


Meteorite Type: Mesosiderite-A1
One centimeter scale cube is provided in photograph 2 for size reference.

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Mesosiderite, A-1
Found in Chile, 1861

Stony-irons are by far the rarest of the three main classes of meteorites; the others being irons and stones. Mesosiderites and pallasites make up the stony-irons and Vaca Muerta (Spanish for “dead cow”) is a rare example of the mesosiderite type. First discovered in 1861 by prospectors looking for rare metals, the Vaca Muerta meteorite comes from a difficult-to-reach area in Chile’s vast Atacama Desert. The area has been extensively hunted since the 1960s and examples of this meteorite only rarely come to market.

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