Wan Zawatin 002 235.1g


Meteorite Type: Martian (shergottite)
Approximate Measurements: 162 mm x 151 mm x 4 mm
Additional Information: The largest lherzolite with a poikilitic texture ever found, this full slice was taken from an impressive 6.9 kilo stone.

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Wan Zawatin 002 was a singular stone purchased by Robert Ward and Mark Lyon from Aziz Habibi in 2022. The stone was found east of the Wafa Oil Field and south of the geyser hot springs at Wadi Harakat in Libya. The Mars rock’s exterior shows off dark fusion crust with patches of brown-green from weathering, according to the report from the Meteoritical Bulletin. At 6.9 kilograms, Wan Zawatin 002 may be the largest poikilitic/lherzolitic Shergottite ever found.

A slice of this gorgeous Martian meteorite is displayed in the Amorce Meteorite Museum in Japan and a deposit is held at the University of New Mexico.

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