Wolf Creek 146.8g


Meteorite Type: Iron, IIIAB
Approximate Measurements: 63 mm x 51 mm x 31 mm
Additional Information: Individual

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Wolf Creek, in the wilds of Western Australia, is one of only about 15 craters on Earth that have produced recoverable meteorites and is also one of the oldest, with an age of 120,000-137,000 years. It was made famous by a horror film of the same name and is revered by Aborigines as a site of mythic importance. Meteorite hunting is no longer allowed at the site, making these old-collection specimens a must for those who are intrigued by crater-forming irons.

Until recently, the Wolfe Creek Crater was dated to 300,000 years. However, scientists determined a new age through optically stimulated luminescence, which is a dating technique utilized in measuring how long ago quartz was last exposed to sunlight.

It was reported the researchers calculated the width of the crater at 3,104 feet/946 meters, in a northeast-southwest direction, reflecting the direction of the impact. The crater is about 580 feet/178 meters deep, and is filled by about 400 feet/120 meters of sand and dust blown in from the desert.

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