14K Gold Gibeon Meteorite & Yellow Sapphire Ring


  • Meteorite Type: Gibeon
  • Jewelry Type: Ring
  • Catalogue Type: Ring 8

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This gorgeous 14k yellow gold ring adds a cosmic twist to the classical four-prong solitaire ring, It elegantly pairs a brilliant yellow sapphire with a stellar Gibeon meteorite overlay. Gibeon, found in 1836 in Namibia, Africa, originated from the core of an ancient asteroid. The lines visible in this ring’s Gibeon overlay, called a widmanstätten pattern,  are the result of cooling in outer space over billions of years.

Crisp, bright yellow sapphires are known for their cheery color and durability. As they often have fewer inclusions than other colors, yellow sapphires are typically held to higher clarity standards. Paired with striking Gibeon, this ring is built to last and will impress for a lifetime.


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