Admire Nugget 314.2g


  • Meteorite Type: Pallasite
  • Weight: 314.2 grams
  • Approximate Measurements: 72 mm x 65 mm x 50 mm
  • Additional Information: This Admire nugget is a product of a stabilization. A process in which an unstable meteorite is subjected to reverse electrolysis. After the process is complete, unstable material has been removed and the now-stable meteorite takes the shape of this nugget. Meteorite enthusiasts believe that the “nugget” could very much be the shape a pallasite asteroid has in space before entering Earth’s atmosphere.

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We, at Aerolite, love all pallasites –but Admire is quite close to our hearts. It’s name made waves when hosts Geoff Notkin and Steve Arnold pulled a hefty 223-pound “Alpha” (Admire) pallasite out of the ground on Season Two, Episode One of Meteorite Men. Not to worry! That monster made it through the back-and-forth between Geoff and Steve and remains intact. These lovely part slices and “nuggets” are from the same strewnfield, but altogether different rock. The part slices were expertly prepared. They are beautifully appointed, with etch on one side and polish on the other. The “nuggets” are created when the pallasite is being stabilized. They truly look like visitors-from-outer space

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Weight 314.2 g


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