From Eternity To Here – Four Pack Collectible


  • Meteorite Types: Stone, iron, stony-iron and impactite
  • Meteorite Weights: 5-7 gram iron, 6-10 gram stone, 1.5-3 gram stony-iron, 2-4 gram impactite
  • Meteorite Measurements: Less than 1.5″
  • Additional Information: Because each meteorite is unique, you will receive similar pieces, but not exactly as photographed.

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Everyone shares a fascination with meteorites, and how could we not? Meteorites are visitors from outer space that have landed, by accident, on our planet. They have mystified and amazed humans for as long as we’ve been looking up at the night sky. Ancient peoples revered meteorites as gifts (or sometimes warnings!) from the gods. Today, collectors prize meteorites because of  their rarity and their other-worldly origins, while researchers  study them for clues to the formation of the solar system and  origins of life on Earth.

Meteorites are divided into three main classes — irons, stones, and stony-iron. Plus, the magnificent impactites — remnants of an ancient and cataclysmic meteorite impact.  The From Eternity To Here Collectors Kit allows you to study and enjoy genuine examples of all the major meteorite types. Included is an informational paragraph on each type on the reverse side of every box.

*Individuals available in separate listings.

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Weight 670 g


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