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The Expert Video Guide to Meteorite Identification in the Field and the Laboratory (Blu-Ray)



High Definition Blu-Ray Edition

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Find out in this fascinating high-definition film.
Meteorites are among the rarest and most valuable materials on Earth … and they’re not even from Earth! Learn to hunt for and identify meteorites by science celebrity, author, and meteorite expert Geoffrey Notkin. Notkin co-hosted the television series, Meteorite Men, and also wrote the award-winning book, Meteorite Hunting: How to Find Treasure from Space. In this engaging and informative professional video production. Filmed on location during one of our Meteorite Hunting Adventures — where we teach you how to meteorite hunt, and you get to keep what you find! — in the Sahara Desert. Geoff returns with his finds to the States and takes an up close look at his meteorites, and meteor-wrongs. Notkin shares more than twenty-five years of expertise in meteorite recovery and identification … because there is nothing that helps more than knowing exactly what to look for.
Featuring original music composed and performed by Serena Gabriel and Steve Roach.
Filmed on location in the Sahara Desert and Arizona.
Science / Education
68 minutes

©2020 Desert Owl Productions, Inc.

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1080p High Definition* 16×9 at 23.976 progressive frames per second
Stereo audio, English

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“The mystery and confusion of all the different meteorite with their varying characteristics are discussed in an easy to understand style in a kind or Mr. Wizard science-friendly atmosphere. You may not realize that you are receiving tremendously valuable information as you watch his easy-going style of instruction. A very high quality video… a big thumbs up.” — Meteorite Times Magazine

©2020 Desert Owl Productions, Inc.
*1080p High Definition requires Blu-Ray Disc player and HDTV

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