La Luna Tee – Printed with Actual Lunar Meteorite



Aerolite Meteorites is the first company in the world, to the best of our knowledge, to create t-shirts made with actual dust from the Moon and Mars! A bit skeptical?

Watch us trace each step of the process for creating our new line of meteorite-dust-infused merchandise from start to finish in this one-on-one video filmed, on location, at Aladdin Graphics in Tucson, AZ. All meteorite dust is collected from officially classified Lunar and Martian meteorites.

While it is illegal to own Apollo return samples, we obtain moon dust from meteorites that originated on the Moon, fell to Earth, were found, and identified in the lab. The Moon rocks that Apollo astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, and the other moonwalkers brought back to Earth did, however, help meteorite scientists to identify a small number of meteorites as being of lunar origin.

How do we get moon dust? Like sawdust produced when a wood is sawn, lunar meteorites produce “Moon dust” when a larger specimen is cut into slices in the lab. We collect this precious material and have added it to the ink used to screen print our Moon and Mars t-shirts. That’s right: your La Luna shirt contains actual dust from a meteorite carried here all the way from the moon!!

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Screen printed locally in Tucson, Arizona on a soft 60% cotton / 40% polyester blend t-shirt. During the screen printing process, the Aerolite team added authentic moon dust to the ink to create a truly unique and versatile tee perfect for any occasion! This women’s cut tee navy blue and super soft.

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