Micrometeorite #1949


Micrometeorite Type: Cryptocrystalline
Found: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA in 2021
Notes of Interest: Micrometeorite presented in black slide, accompanied by a 8 x 10 photograph and specimen identification card

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The Smallest Meteorites on Earth: Micrometeorites

Micrometeorites are tiny particles of extraterrestrial origin that regularly fall to Earth—an estimated 5,200 to 7,000 metric tons of micrometeorites enter Earth’s atmosphere every year. Because of their small size, most micrometeorites burn up upon entering the atmosphere, so only a fraction—about 100 metric tonnes a day—make it to Earth as meteorites. These microscopic objects, which range in size from a few microns to a few millimeters, are fragments of comets, asteroids, and other bodies in the solar system.

In many ways, these micros can not be compared to their larger cousin, the meteorite. Unlike meteorites, micrometeorites melt completely and recrystallize upon entry into our atmosphere. Though they are small, they are incredibly important because they provide scientists with a wealth of information about the early solar system and the processes that formed it.

It is extremely challenging to hunt for and identify micrometeorites. Only a handful of people around the globe embark on such an undertaking. Aerolite is extremely honored to offer genuine micrometeorites and their accompanying photographs with find locations and dates.

As a side note, an incredible amount of work goes into creating each micrometeorite image. On average, 500 individual images are stacked and stitched together to create each close-up photo. We are pleased to present micrometeorites, their photographs, and impressive framed sets.


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