Moon Dust In Glass Vial


  • Meteorite Type: Stone, Lunar
  • Dust Weight: 0.2 grams approximately
  • Additional Information: Dust spread out in vial for photography purposes

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It takes an extraordinary event for us here on earth to own a piece of the moon. It is illegal to own any sample of lunar material collected by the Apollo Missions to the Moon. So how do we have Lunar material available so the private sector can acquire samples? A meteorite has to impact the moon with enough force to eject material into space, those fragments must then find their way to earth, survive entry through our atmosphere, and land in a location where someone can find it. The odds are overwhelmingly against that chain of events occurring. This superb lunar material collectible features a glass vial filled with 0.2 grams of moon dust! Also included are a Certificate of Authenticity and 4×6 photograph. “Moon Dust” is collected when a lunar meteorite is sawn.


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