Nantan 2,497g


  • Meteorite Type: Iron IAB-MG
  • Weight: 2,497 grams
  • Approximate Measurements: 140 mm x 53 mm x 65 mm
  • Additional Information: Impressive oblong individual with deep scoops and ridges. Lovely bright orange and brown natural patina.

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The Nantan meteorite (sometimes called “Nandan”) is a main group iron, first recorded in Guangxi, China in 1958. Individual pieces typically display a rich and attractive bronze patina. Initially classified as a IIICD in the year 2000, it was reclassified as a IAB-MG in 2006. There is some speculation that Nantan irons may be remnants from a significant fireball witnessed in Guangxi Province in the year 1516 which — according to some sources — showered a large area with iron meteorite fragments. The “Meteoritical Bulletin,” however, does not list Nantan as an observed fall, and an association with the 1516 fireball has not yet been proven.

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