Sericho 229.2g


Meteorite Type: Pallasite
Approximate Measurements: 245 mm x 140 mm x 2 mm
Additional Information: Truly a beautiful pallasite. Mustard yellow colored crystals are dominate. Uncoated, etched on one side, polished on the other. Full slice with natural edge. Amazing! 

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Sericho pallasite (initially called Habaswein) was found in Kenya. Although recorded in 2016 and officially recognized as a meteorite in 2017, local lore has it that several large Sericho masses had been known to exist for generations.

Pure olivine (peridot) is naturally green, but Sericho’s sojourn on Earth has caused its crystals to terrestrialize and acquire yellow, orange, and brown hues. While pallasites are typically considered to be composed approximately 50% olivine and 50% nickel-iron, Sericho has a particularly high crystal density, with estimates putting it at 70–80% olivine.

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