Tissint 3.5g


Approximate Measurements: 22 mm x 12 mm x 12 mm
Witnessed Fall: Yes, at about 2 am local time on July 18, 2011, a bright fireball was observed by several people in the region of the Oued Drâa valley, east of Tata, Morocco.
Additional Information: We are absolutely thrilled to offer Tissint! We have not personally be able to acquire this very desirable witnessed fall Martian in years. Wet looking jet black fusion crust adds to its allure. Marvelous!


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Tissint is the rarest of the rare; a witnessed Martian meteorite from Morocco. On July 18, 2011, witnesses near Tata, Morocco reported seeing a green fireball, at first yellow in color, illuminating the area split into two parts. Two sonic booms accompanied the visual phenomenon, alerting nomads in the vicinity of what they would later find: fresh, fusion-crusted stone meteorites. Stones of varying sizes were recovered in the El Ga’ïdat plateau and the El Aglâb Mountains, with the largest being an impressive 987 gram crusted stone. Tissint is classified as a Martian shergottite, which are named after the Shergotty meteorite that fell in India in 1865.

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