Uruaçu 982.0g


Meteorite Type: Iron, IAB-MG
Approximate Measurements: 193 mm x 111 mm x 12 mm
Additional Information: Hefty full slice with giant inclusions and a great pattern. Impressive in the hand.

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Iron, IAB-MG
Found Goiás, Brazil in 1992

Uruaçu (pronounced “Oo – roo – ah – SUE”) is an interesting iron meteorite first found on a ranch in Brazil. It has a comparatively low total known weight, and a significant number of recovered specimens were very large. The entire strewnfield lies on private land and has been hunted exclusively by the owner and his agents over a period of many years. As a result, Uruaçu irons appear only occasionally on the market. It is a coarse octahedrite and when cut and etched it displays a highly attractive Widmanstätten pattern, somewhat similar to Sikhote-Alin.

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