Meteorite Men: Vaca Muerta Display Box


  • Meteorite Type: Mesosiderite, A-1
  • Meteorite Weight: Under 1 gram, comes displayed in 2″x 1” presentation box.
  • Additional Information: Did you know that Chile was the site of the very first meteorite hunting expedition Steve and Geoff went on together, back in 1997? They didn’t meet in person until they were both actually in Chile, after days of international travel!In the first-ever overseas “Meteorite Men” episode, Steve and Geoff revisit the site where their hunting partnership began back in 1997: the Imilac pallasite strewnfield high in Chile’s Atacama Desert. It was winter at 11,000 feet in the driest desert on the planet, but with new equipment and grim determination, the guys persevered through harsh conditions and — on the desolate plains of Vaca Muerta — made several meteorite finds. This specimen was found while filming.

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Stony-irons are by far the rarest of the three main classes of meteorites; the others being irons and stones. Mesosiderites and pallasites make up the stony-irons and Vaca Muerta (Spanish for “dead cow”) is a rare example of the mesosiderite type. First discovered in 1861 by prospectors looking for rare metals, the Vaca Muerta meteorite comes from a difficult-to-reach area in Chile’s vast Atacama Desert. The area has been extensively hunted since the 1960s and examples of this meteorite only rarely come to market.

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Weight 55 g


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