Vesta Meteorite Dust with Galaxy Sticker


  • Meteorite Type: Stone, Vesta Eucrite
  • Meteorite Weight: Less than one gram
  • Vial Measurements: 21 mm X 16 mm
  • Additional Information: A quaint, tiny glass vial containing authentic meteorite dust from Asteroid 4 Vesta! Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

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Vesta is the largest and brightest asteroid in the asteroid belt and the second largest body overall (after the dwarf planet Ceres), with an average diameter of about 525 km (326 miles). That is pretty close to the size of the State of Colorado.

A couple of billion years ago two massive impacts ejected part of Vesta’s mass and some of that material landed here on Earth as HED (howardite, eucrite, and diogenite) meteorites. It’s astonishing to consider that when you look at photographs of Vesta, or eve through a powerful telescope, the actual craters from which the HED meteorites were blasted out can easily be seen, such as Rheasilvia which is over 300 miles wide. So, you could hold one of these HED meteorites in your hand, look at a photo of Vesta, and say to yourself: This came from right there!

This quaint glass vial contains genuine Vesta meteorite “dust.” Aerolite’s meteorite dust is collected in our preparation laboratory, when a larger specimen is sawn into slices. Similar to how sawdust is created.

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